Serving the nation with dedication

Since 1983, the ‘Diri Saviya’ scheme has sustained the livelihoods of over two-hundred and fifty families in the Uva, North- Central and Central zones of the Country.

By supporting local families with setting up their own poultry farms, Crysbro has demonstrated a sustainable and inclusive avenue for economic growth in the Country.

Experienced field officers make regular visits to update Growers on new farming methods whilst supplying them with top-of the-line chicks and feed from our very own hatcheries and feed mill, thus guaranteeing a high quality process.

“Haritha Sathkaraya” is to promote environmentally friendly initiatives.

We have planted over 400 trees in Daduruoya with the help of the Rotaract club to replenish any lost biodiversity.

Additional we have made significant changes in all our own facilities, to help encourage a clean and environmentally balanced surrounding.

The ‘Sisu Diriya’ project was launched with one important objective in mind: to uplift the educational standards of the community we work with, providing free school books to the children of all our employees.  Over 3870 children have been given free books since 2012. Additionally children who have performed exceptionally well in their studies are financially supported to reach their ambitions.

Was launched in 2018, Crysbro has chosen a grass-roots campaign to discover and nurture up-and-coming sports men and women. By providing them with sporting gear and clothing, food supplements, equipment, training by leading coaches, as well as a monthly stipend to help them on their way to sporting success. (Photos and news article can be found on (bizenglish.adaderana.lk) also see (crysbronextchamp.com)

“Suwa Shakthi”, is geared towards renovating public health facilities, more recently a general ward at the Gampola Government Hospital had benefited from this initiative.

The socio-economically disadvantaged deserve a better standard of living, the ‘Prajana Aruna Housing Project’ was thus conceived with the aim to focus on renovating and building their houses for our most deserving employees. Since its inception in 2012, seventy-one renovations and built twenty-eight new houses have been successfully completed.

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