Our ISO 9001 certificate covers the statutory and regulatory requirements pertaining to all our chicken products. It is the foundation of quality management and meeting the needs of consumers and stakeholders.
ISO 14001 credits us for environment management. We are operating under the guidelines given for an effective environmental management system. This opens the arena for us to be engaged in environmental impact assessments and improvements. CRYSBRO is one of the few holders of this accreditation in Sri Lanka.
ISO 22000 includes the steps that need to be taken by an organization in terms of the safety of food for human consumption. Everything from planning to implementing, to maintaining, and to improving food safety management systems come under ISO 22000. CRYSBRO is a proud holder of the certification, being one of the first in Sri Lanka to get it.
In Arabic, Halal means ‘permissible’ or ‘allowed.’ When it comes to food, ‘halal’ food specifies the food that is allowed and the ways it should be cooked. All CRYSBRO products are ‘halal’ and come under the strictest interpretation of the term.

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