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Innovation at the heart of our business

Today’s modern home-chef whose necessity is simply to ‘cook with ease’: has become the core focus of product design and development. With CRYSBRO, you can explore the art of cooking chicken, whilst our team specializes in catering to your needs by investing in the latest technology in processing and packaging of chicken meat and cuts.

The first to introduce Cryovac packaging (vacuum sealed packaging) in Sri Lanka, we are setting our sights to newer developments in marinated chicken, and select pieces in the shrink-wrapped film market being subsequently introduced.

products 0000 Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken

products 0026 Broiler Chicken

Broiler Chicken

products 0021 Fresh Skinless Chicken

Fresh Skinless Chicken

products 0019 Half Chicken

Half Chicken

products 0008 Quarter Chicken

Quarter Chicken

products 0025 Chefs


products 0002 W.O.G.with Nack

W.O.G.(with Neck)

products 0001 W.O.G.


products 0012 Parts Pack Drumstic

Parts Pack – Drumstick

products 0011 Parts Pack Legs

Parts Pack – Legs

products 0010 Parts Pack Thigh

Parts Pack – Thigh





Example image


products 0009 Parts Pack Breast

Parts Pack -Breast

products 0017 Home Pack 700g

Home Pack – 700g

products 0018 Home Pack 400g

Home Pack – 400g

products 0024 Chicken Curry Pices

Chicken Curry Pieces

products 0015 Liver


products 0014 Minced Boneless Chicken

Minced Boneless Chicken

products 0013 Neck


products 0007 Skin less Regular Drumstic

Skinless Regular Drumstick

products 0006 Skin on Debone Chicken

Skin on Debone Chicken

products 0005 Skin


products 0004 Thigh Bone In Skin Less

Thigh Bone In Skinless

products 0003 Thigh Bone In Skin on

Thigh Bone In Skin on

products 0016 Leg Skin on Whole

Leg Skin on Whole

products 0032 Wings


products 0031 Bone Less Breast

Bone Less Breast

products 0030 Bone Less Leg

Bone Less Leg

products 0029 Bone Less Thigh

Bone Less Thigh

products 0028 Breast Bone In

Breast Bone In

products 0027 Breast Boneless

Breast Boneless

products 0020 Gizzard


products 0023 Drumlets Winglets

Drumlets Winglets

products 0022 Drumstic Skin on

Drumstick Skin on

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