About Us

Crysbro is the leading poultry company in Sri Lanka made up of five board of investment (BOI )companies in a fully integrated process, working together towards the company’s vision.

Our First Golden Jubilee

Since CRYSBRO’s inception in 1972, the founding father of CRYSBRO has never compromised on three key elements; hygiene, quality, and trust. With a genuine passion for excellence in our product for nearly fifty years, we have built a reputation and a promise for delivering the best culinary experience for customers to delight in.


In 1972, a determined young man with an unbridled vision to create the best culinary experience revolution in poultry made his way into the industry. Mohamed Imtiaz, the founder of CRYSBRO, over the years, has laid the formula for great chicken by refining breeding, processing, and packaging, making CRYSBRO the only ‘Chicken Specialist’ in Sri Lanka with an unparalleled reputation for quality and freshness.

Mohamed Imtiaz chose Sri Lanka’s finest lands, the central highlands, to set up his farms. Generally, animals raised in such lush conditions are wholesome, moist, tender, and naturally taste better. Quality always speaks louder, and with the confidence and approval of satisfied customers, CRYBRO’s development into new territories expands as does her place in the market as a leading player and chicken exporter.

Known to drop the odd pearl of wisdom, our founding father drives the idea of ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ through the values and norms of the company as a whole to ensure quality is never second to profit. Therefore, when it comes to our customers, CRYSBRO leads with the utmost care to fulfill every need, be it taste, cleanliness, or value for money.


Through thick and thin, our entire operation has always held hands as one family. We treat our fellow workers and supporters as part of the family and make sure they are treated properly. Here at CRYSBRO, people are recognized for their hard work and dedication. We take extra care of our employees’ health and wellbeing by conducting regular meetings, checkups, and discussions. Everything about CRYSBRO is tightly connected to its products and employees, and we work well as a family, upholding its banner with pride.


Crysbro Group of Companies consists of five subsidiaries, which create a fully integrated chicken production process.

May we help you?

To find out more about our products and services, you can reach out to us via email, telephone, or social media. We are at your beck and call to deliver the best culinary experience.