Food and Happiness

October 11, 2022

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Life is an emotional rollercoaster and more or less it is of high importance that we humans should be happy and satisfied at all times in order to make life easier in different perspectives. It can be Carrier wise, Educational wise, Health wise etc. but still securing a good amount of happiness will create an explicit emotional balance.


Laura Pawlak makes the observation that our brains are designed to prioritize survival, with the “pleasure-seeking circuitry” of dopamine-producing neurons constantly ready for activation by any sign of food in her book Hungry Brain (smell, sight, memory).


Therefore research demonstrates that some food, including sugar, salt, and fat, are strong natural reward-drivers. They cause the production of important “pleasure” neurotransmitters—like dopamine—more than their healthy equivalents, which causes this reaction. Have you ever seen pizza and felt your mouth swim but not kale?


This is because our brain seeks survival through food pleasure but still we should ensure the sustainability of the amount of happiness we receive through food by mainly looking forwards to consume healthy food, capitalizing on greens and by creating new yummy dishes through them.


Simply by seeking only pleasure food, we are actually not getting happier and that happiness is temporary. We should always ensure that our diet is balanced with good amounts of carbs, proteins, and vitamins to gain sustainable happiness through new food.

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