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Golden Grains (Pvt.) Ltd.

Established in 2003, and with two separate locations: one in Kantale and Mahiyanganaya, Golden Grains is the first Company to introduce corn silage bales to Sri Lanka, and cultivates corn in a land mass of 850 acres for corn silage production. The Kanthale location is used for seed paddy and commercial paddy cultivation..



Sri Lanka is the best place for agriculture,’ is one of the few things many people in the business will rarely let slip out, mainly because it has the potential to blow up fantastically. At CRYSBRO, we encourage more and more farmers to step into this frame of mind and explore agro-culture and the many treasures it has to offer.

Agri-culturing in style, CRYSBRO chiefly focuses on utilizing the latest agricultural machinery, tractors, and other equipment for farming, plowing, and watering, whilst sharing and exchanging knowledge with local farmers and helping them use the latest in equipment and machinery.

We are also very proud of kick-starting the Next Level Agro initiative in the Central, Uva and Eastern Province to help farmer families financially recover during hardship.

dairy feed in Sri Lanka

CRYSBRO has built bridges with farming communities by widening its expertise into the agriculture sector, initially to support poultry in terms of growing seeds/grains for chicken feed production. But agriculture has now become a contender in its own right with exciting developments to make CRYSBRO the first corn bale producer in Sri-Lanka for dairy feed. The potential for CRYSBRO to grow in this arena is exponential as the need for solutions arises daily.

dairy feed in Sri Lanka

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