Midland Breeders (Pvt) Ltd

Business Unit Head: Mr. Prasanna Sampath

Nawalapitiya Breeder Farm

Built in 1991, this farm was the first farm built and specializes in breeding Cockerels. Having 14 cages on 16 acres of land this farm has a capacity to hold 6000 birds.

Day old chicks from Fortune GP Hatchery- Gallewella are brought to the Nawalaipitiya Breeder Farm where they are grown to sexual maturity for six months and later transferred to the Fairline layer farm.


The Paragala Farm

This is a Grade A+ Breeder farm located in the Paragala area. Unlike the Nawalapitya Breeder Farm, this farm focuses on rearing Pullets to sexual maturity sent from GP farms as day old chicks. After 6 months, they are sent to the Fairline farm for copulation to take place.

This farm is larger in comparison to its male counterpart, with a total capacity of 56,000 birds and having 13 cages.


Fairline Farm

In the last stage of the Breeder cycle the Fairline Farm also a layer farm brings together, both Pullets and cockerels for copulation, the resulting fertile eggs are then sent to the Nawalapitya Hatchery for incubation and re-distribution of fertile eggs into Company Farms and the Contract grower farms..


Nawalapitiya Hatchery

Having established in 1991, the Nawlapitiya Hatchery is a Grade- A Hatchery and being one of the only hatcheries that systematically grades eggs to weight; with 1,041,360 eggs set to every batch. The hatchery has its own state-of the art Chick truck; which is environmentally controlled to imitate the conditioning of an incubator for delivery of chicks between transfers.

Meeting international and books standards for hatch of fertile and mortality rates, the hatchery is equipped to handle exports internationally, having already started exports to Seychelles.

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