The Pupuressa Farm

The hundred- acre Pupressa Broiler Farm situated in the Central Province of Gampola and opened in the year 2000, has 16 broiler houses: each having a capacity of 2000 birds, and thus having a total capacity of 320,000 birds per batch producing a third of the birds for processing.The Farm has been specialised for rearing broiler by relying on an auto-feeding system and environmentally controlled/sensitive closed house system to achieve optimum results.

Pupressa Farm– Senior Farm Manager- Mr. Rohan Indika Perrera Address: Panvilathenna,Pupuressa.


Processing Plant

Found in 1991, the Processing Plant has been one of the most revolutionary Processing Plants in South-East Asia, it is equipped with the latest technology in processing with a fully automated assembly line that processes a total of 6000 birds/hour while producing a range of over 170 products.

The Plant sources all its water from the Mahaweli River and runs used water through its own Water Treatment Plant before releasing it back, which means that it has ample water for cleaning and disinfection whilst maintaining a strict environmentally safe process.

Business Unit Head & Value Addition: Mr. Kithsiri Dissanayake

Address: Bangalawa Road,Athgala.


Contract Grower’s- Uva/ Central/ North-Central

The Contract Grower scheme was first introduced in 1983 in Wattakedeniya by tying up with local farming families in contract-grower partnerships to start their own farms. By providing them with the Cobb 500 chicks and the necessary training and raw materials required for optimum broiler growth, these families successfully produce a high quality product.

At the moment we depend on over 300 families in the Central, North – Central and Uva Provinces, who supply up a third of our broiler output. The scheme was done with the intention to promote local entrepreneurship and develop inter-generational farmers into further sustaining the poultry industry.

Contract Grower’s Senior Managers:

Central Province: Mr. Ravi Udovita

North- Central Province: Mr Rajapaksha

Uva Province: Mr Abeysinghe

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